5 Things Millennial Mike Is Looking For In a Home

real estateMillennial stereotypes, like all stereotypes, are wildly oversimplified, inaccurate, and sometimes even disrespectful. That being said, it’s still fun to play along with what the conceivable stereotypical Millennial might want in a home. In fact, these stereotypes can be helpful to homeowners selling their houses and real estate agents looking to appeal to buyers. 

Meet Millennial Mike. Mike works part-time at the emoji factory and is a full-time blogger for specialty coffee concepts. If Mike could pick and choose everything to have on his dream real estate property, he would select the following: 

High Speed Internet
If Mike had the option, he would rather just live inside the World Wide Web. But that’s out of the question — at least for the foreseeable future. Instead, Mike and all his young peers need a home that is able to provide fast Internet speeds and has a strong network connection. In addition to high speed Internet, Mike also wants top-of-the-line smart appliances inside in his home. He doesn’t care much for those landline phone things (whatever they are) but he would love to own a dishwasher that follows him on Twitter.

Walking Distance to a Coffee Shop
Though Mike blogs about certain types of coffee, he still enjoys drinking a conventional black coffee at the shop down the street. He calls it “retro.” About 56% of all millennials, as well as 46% of baby boomers, prefer to move to areas that have walkable neighborhoods. Mike is actually quite easy to please: he just wants to live near a nice coffee shop that also doubles as a record store. 

Energy-Efficient Everything
Although Mike isn’t too good with a hammer, he somehow knows everything there is to know about insulation levels, seasonal energy-efficiency ratios, and how to preserve energy. Good for Mike. He’ll be looking for homes that contribute to the environment, not destroy it. 

Minimalist Home Office
Mike does his best work from home and doesn’t want anything too fancy for a home office. He would be completely content with a spacious all-white room, a white desk, a nice chair (any color), and probably a globe or something. 

Not As Much Outdoor Space
Mike still loves the outdoors, but he isn’t as much concerned with having extremely large real estate. He’d much prefer a small balcony overlooking a nice patch of lawn. Though he’ll be hoping to check out luxury houses for sale with big, open windows to let light in and admire the outdoors, he’s not that into having to do yard work on a big property. 

Mike knows what he wants when it comes to real estate and so do a lot of other millennial homebuyers. Whether you’re like Mike or completely the opposite, if you want to check out some new homes in Philadelphia, West End Walk can help you right away.